V/A "La Discoteque Psychedelique" Vol. 2 LP

Boss-A-Tone 010


17 Previously un-comped Folky-Funky Psych Freakbeat tracks to fill your dancefloor! Late 60's early 70's rarities. Rich insert with pics and liner notes! ONLY 300 copies limited edition on PURPLE vinyl, so book your copy NOW!



BIG SHOT - “No No, Didn’t You Know” (Belgium)

MICHAEL TARRY - “Neighbours At The Zoo” (Canada)

OFFSPRING - “She Lives In a Big House” (U.K.)

ROBISON/KAPLAN - “Hide Yourself Away” (U.S.A./Canada)

ROLA AUSTIN - “Burnside” (U.S.A.)

RORY VINCENT - “Possibility” (U.K.)

RICK JONES - “Theme From The Aeronauts” (U.K.)

FORMULA TWO - “Easy Times” (U.K.)INNER SOUL“La Puima” (U.S.A.)



POOR BOYS - “Can’t Get Back In” (U.S.A.)

ERVINNA & THE STYLERS - “Witch Queen Of New Orleans” (Indonesia)

JON BARTEL THING  - “Freak Show” (U.S.A.)

RUSS EDEN - “Lady” (U.S.A.)

BEN SIDRAN - “Poor Girl” (U.S:A.)

ANN CHRISTINE, ULLA JA TIINA - “Liian Monta Päivää” (Finland)

UGLY Z - “Down To My Very Last Tear” (U.S.A.)

TERRY WINTER - “I Know” (Brazil)

V/A "La Discoteque Psychedelique" Vol. 2 LP (B-A-T)

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