A legendary record. the mini-LP "Primordial Ooze Flavored" by the L.A. Garage Punk masters, The Unclaimed, has finally been REMASTERED from the original tapes and given an extra bonus with the inclusion of two tracks that came out only as 4, given away with the iconic 80s Italian Fanzine Lost Trails.  This rich gatefold edition includes also an insert, new liner notes and previously unseen pictures! These original tracks show how The Unclaimed were among the first garage revival bands (they were founded in 1979) could incorporate influences by bands like The Electric Prunes,Calico Wall, Seeds, The Syndicate Of Sound,Count V,Third Bardo and The Uncalled For, among others. The sheer blillance of the fresh remaster brings new life to these songs. We're proud to present this second reissue of the Unclaimed catalog,soon to be followed by another celebrated title: "Under The Bodhi Tree",now in the making, and...more tba soon!


Only 300 ltd. Edition. Out October 6th,2021

THE UNCLAIMED "Primordial Ooze Flavored" LP Gatefold ed.

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