Ultra limited edition /300 of the legendary L.A. seminal Garage band THE UNCLAIMED who in 1980 opened the door to the Neo Sixties scene in U.S.A. The Moxie 7" EP is one of those sough-after record that definitely needed a reissue. It took a few years to put this project together and have Shelley, Sid and the guys all happy to see this reissued legally and here at Teen Sound Records we're very proud of this. Finally the four tracks have been REMASTERED from the actual vintage tapes. The iconic blue sleeve includes an insert with liner notes and cool gigs vintage posters and flyers. Pre-order your copy now! Stay tuned for more UNCLAIMED titles to come out on Teen Sound Records. Another legendary title, the "Primordial Ooze" mini LP is now in the pipeline...Copies are expected by July 25th


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