Paisley Underground Psych masterpiece originally produced by Greg Shaw in 1986 on the legendary Voxx label.


In 1984, from the ashes of a powerpop-Sixties influenced trio called The Blue Macs, a promising psychedelic act was born: The Steppes, whose self-titled debut album on Mystic Records in 1984 found its way onto college radios in the US and imported copies spread throughout Europe. The next few years saw The Steppes playing several shows in southern California, as well as demoing lots of songs with their new drummer, Jim Bailey. The band then signed to Gregg Shaw’s Voxx label who would put out several of the band’s records, starting with 1987’s "Drop of The Creature", recorded in west L.A. The album received critical acclaim and includes fan favorites such as "A Play on Wordsworth" and "Holding Up Well". Today, one of the most dedicated new-Sixties label around, the Rome-based Teen Sound Records, delivers a precious reissue of their best album, "Drop Of The Creature", housed in a full colored gatefold sleeve, enriched by the songs lyrics and rare vintage pictures, as well as two excellent and rare bonus tracks from the period that fit perfectly in the album’s mood. The Fallon brothers’ band penetrated psychedelic folk territories, even digging into their Irish ancestry, with brilliant, sometimes epic results, characterized by mature writing that does not disdain the group’s subtle references to the Beatles, Kinks, Byrds, a touch of eerie medieval atmosphere, all presented in an absolutely original way. “In 1986 this record stood pretty much alone as a perfect example of modern Psych-Rock-Folk. Whilst many of the groups of the decade who had hinted at taking the magic swirling ship downed tools, signed to majors and retreated into distinctly un-psychedelic AOR rock land, The Steppes were heading outwards into the purple mist. The band didn’t so much buck the general trend as obliterate it, unleashing one of the great psychedelic rock records of all time (in my humble opinion) with the masterful ‘Drop of the Creature’. Thirty years later, time remains hugely kind to the ambition, vision and uniqueness of this record. It’s ability to startle, unsettle and beguile the active listener with its magick remains undiminished, its stock continues to appreciate. ‘Drop of the Creature’ is simply a fabulous achievement. Believe. So, is this the reissue of the year? Yes. Should you buy it? Yes. Should you buy it for your friends? Yes. More than this I cannot say. Amen...”

THE STEPPES "Drop Of the Creature" LP (Gatefold)

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