Authentic neo Sixties Paris’ s act including ex members of Bang!. Formed around the talented drummer and singer Erwan Pirot, Terence Christiansen will make you vibrate through his dreamy and spooky tracks full of heavy guitars, fat drum breaks, howling and powerful bass voices. Doubtless Freakbeat-oriented, Terence Christiansen turns to a more Hard/Psych sound with multiples influences, from Eddie Cochran to John-Sebastian Bach, Eddie Philips, Charles Trenet, Pete Townshend, and especially the one/off single British bands like The Plague, Cain, The Hush and many more. 12 original tracks composed by drummer/singer Erwan Pirot. Cult band who lasted only two years gaining great following in Paris as well as Europe' Mod Festivals and rallies.


Fans of Attack, Open Mind and Fleur De Lys will love them.


“Freakbeat dreams walking on a funky psych rhythm before diverting to hard fuzz asperities perfectly driven by a band at their best. Magnificent!”- Rumore Magazine


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