Psych 9 hails from Rhode Island USA. The band rips through psychedelic, garage band, hardrock, progressive, jam band rock styles and much more. Their first album, “The Trip Goes On”, showcases the talents of multiple singers and songwriters, resulting in an eclectic mix that is never predictable or boring. The band is composed of Brian “BT” Thomas and John Devault on guitars and vocals, Frank Villani and Mike Meehan on drums and vocals, and Gary Klimala on bass.

Psych 9 was the outgrowth of a project by the neo-psychedelic band Plan 9. Plan 9 was formed in 1979 by a beach community of musicians looking to create something different and not

having a scene to do it in. Many albums and tours later Plan 9 was inducted into the RI Music Hall of Fame in 2017. After that honor a new album was planned, but band leader Eric Stumpo

tragically passed away in 2019. The remaining members decided to continue the music and vibe as Psych 9 with their new album “The Trip Goes On”.

...and it does go on, from our early tours of 1980 when we were noted as the “guitar army”through present day (sans pandemic), the swirling lead guitars on “Vaingloria”and the lead guitars cutting heads on “Safe Space” showcase the songwriting of John DeVault, - one of our primary songwriters since 1980.

Mike Meehan, also from our early 1980’s recordings, brings his

songwriting style from the local beach community - influences from Irish Folk and psychedelic vibe in “Won’t Go Back” and “Breathe New Air.” We are psyched to be able to showcase on this trip songs contributed by the late Eric Stumpo which exemplify Eric’s rock legacy of songwriting.

The solid rock vibe of “Your Friend” and “My Life” come from Plan 9 bassist/songwriter Roger Vaughn, influenced by his Miami rock scene. And there’s a garage rock vibe to the songwriting

of Brian “BT” Thomas in “MaryJane” and “Hot Stone Age Girl,” the latter a political criticism of President Jair Bolsonaro-


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(Teens 087) estimated release date (Import, USA) June 30th, 2021.


PSYCH 9 "The Trip Goes On" LP

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