Third and best LP by Sardinian Garage Punk-Surf masters. Back From The Grave meets Dick Dale! Fans of the Sardinian Surf-Garage Scene (Uninvited, Rippers etc...) and/or The Unclaimed/Attila And The Huns fear no more, there’s a new album out, straight outta the grave! 


The Hangee V are one of the longest running Surf-Garage combo coming from Sardinia.  These hairy cavemen and cave girl on drums have mastered thee perfect mix of reverb-drenched instro Surf and Garage Punk you might have heard on vintage compilations like Strumming’ Mental, Garage Punk Unknowns and clearly Back From The Grave. Mind you this ain’t no lo-fi stuff coming from the latest bunch of inept players around. These guys know how to play, and instead of evolving into any “modern” phase, they’re just better and better today at doing what they always loved, playing Sixties Surf and Garage Punk and gaving ‘em nothing but respect for the real attitude and crudeness. The attitude and the songwriting is brilliant than ever and they deliver their blast from the past like it’s 1966 again.

THE HANGEE V "Underwater Serenades" LP

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