It’s now the time to reveal that the legendary founder and frontman of Rochester, NY’s own Garage prime movers, The Chesterfield KingsGreg Prevost, has finished his biography, which will be printed by yours truly via Misty Lane Books in the summer.


This incredible labor of love was several years in the making. Prevost has dug out from his infinite personal collection anything that a true Rock’n’Roll fan might want to see. Vintage pics, flyers, articles, and historical info about venues, record shops, record labels, concerts, happenings, and previously unheard “garage tales” will make this book essential reading. What makes this even more exciting is the accurate, year-by-year, month-by-month, and occasionally day-by-day report of his personal timeline, as well as his musical growth inside and outside of the Chesterfield Kings.


This book covers in detail the life of a kid born in the fifties who witnessed the many changes in the music scene, all reported with a super-fun and cool attitude. Greg Prevost is not only a collector, writer, musician, and expert about the '60-'70s genuine Rock’n’Roll expression, he has gathered it all together to shape his attitude to become the purest and most honest storyteller. You’ll learn so much about true Rock’n’Roll that your eyes will bleed from looking at the 40 pages of unbelievably cool pictures Prevost has collected since the mid '50s.


Time to go back to school, kids... and you won't find a cooler teacher in Rock’n’Roll High School than Greg Prevost!


Massimo del Pozzo (Editor)

* * * * *

Here's a link to PRE-ORDER the utra limited edition of the book that features 400 pages including 40 of detailed previously unpublished color and black and white pictures. Hard cover,glossy paper, professional print all the way yes, so it'll be quit a pretty HEAVY tome! Extimed weigh 1 Kilogram.

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GREG PREVOST / The Chesterfield Kings Bio/ BOOK "On The Street I Met A Dog"

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  • At the moment the book is still in the making. It'll be out approximately in late June. Current worldwide issues are not helpful and prices have risen up lately. The extimate prices for shipping are given here below. For those who will pre order the book here tehre WON'T BE any extra cost whenever they will be applied after production time. For those who havce already bouught our porevious Misty Lane book "Outsiders By Insiders" consider the quality will be the same,if not better but it'll be twice as much heavy. For any information please write us: We accepy preorder ONLY here from this website. Paypal secire. If you wish to pay via Bank wire transger polease get in touch for further details. Thanks for your support, and remember this will be a strictly limited edition of 300 copies. One gone it won't be reprinted! We'll keep you updated on our Facebook and Instagram with additional info and some pictures too!