The Thunderbeats from Moskow offer a great blend of mid-Sixties Garage-Punk sounds straight from the classic Back From The Grave and Pebbles with an unusual personal creative approach that make them so special and exciting. Not average covers, only original compositions that show howdeeply these guys have been exposed to these sounds and visions. Although they were just babies when the generations of 80’s and 90’s enthusiasts were bringing back the attention on the Garage culture, the guys have learned their lesson so well and put all their effort in the making of their first record.

Recorded in an old fatiscent studio with vintage equipment, old tube amps and analog reverb units, the already brilliant material written by the band couldn’t come out any better than this. “With a Farfisa organ-driven sound, an evil - in stops and starts devastating - fuzz loaded lead guitar ("I’ll Say Hello", "Move On Alone"), a dynamic rhytm section and a wild punky voice (nasal tonalities ala Shelley Ganz of The Unclaimed and Sky Saxon), the Russian band show how to elaboarate The Seeds sound (undoubtedly their model) with a personal touch ("I’ll Say Hello", "I Wanna Take You Down" and the hypnotic "Can’t Stop Raining", sort of Beatlesque Rain in a Raga modern version). Something inside me is a mesmeric beautiful ballad and "Sing To Me" recall the pungent sweetness of some Troggs songwriting. If "Move On Alone" is the most impactful track of the album with an edge to early Fuzztones, the guys are able to serve some deviate Blues ("Airplane Woman Blues" where the stabbing harmonica reminds Them’ "Mystic Eyes") and to pass into the dazed and pale Psychedely of the narcotic freakblues Rag and bone man).


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