Following on from their fabulous rework of Meshkalina by 60s Peruvian Psych Rock outfit Traffic sound, Dc Fontana return with a new (‘summer picnic’ stop-gap) album "La Contessa". The album has a continental certain nouvelle vague makeover. "Snake Charmer" turns Italian for "Snake Ammaliatore" (presumably Serpente didn’t work with the rhythm) as does "Satisfied" with "Dammi Tempo". French takes the upper hand on the reworks though as "Winona Ryder" becomes "Le Voyage de Winona", "Six Against Eight" "Six Contre Huit", "Saturn In Her Eyes" "Saturn Dans Les Yeux" and, eschewing literal translation, "Switchable Love" is reborn as "Tu Es Parti Si Loin". Benny gets a second airing as, well Benny, actually, but in French while, just to be perverse, "Remember Me" is also reprised in the original English. It isn’t all reworks, though, there’s four new numbers, kicking off with the instrumental brass driven Latin meets film noir feel of "Abbesses" featuring flute and congas. The second is Hammond dominated funky jazz groove "Listen Here" soulful female vocals in the number’s latter half. The other two numbers return to Europe. "Les Fantomes Du Pere Lachaise" is a haunting (!) tale of the celebrated cemetery narrated in French by Michel Rousseau with Morricone trumpet, acoustic guitar and a medieval Dance of the Dead coda by Sheila Hague on recorders, cuatro and bodhran. The fourth and final new track is "Se Telefonando", a swelling big romantic ballad written by the mighty Ennio Morricone and Maurizio Costanzo, the main theme apparently built around three notes taken from a police car siren. A massive native 1966 hit for Mina, guest Italian singer Kicca Andriolli pulls it off with aplomb. Economic gloom may have scuppered European trips this year, but with this album you’ll always have Paris. And Rome too.

DC FONTANA "La Contessa" LP

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